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Alli is Alli Speed's personal channel which hosts make up tutorials, travel vlogs, a series 'Ask Alli' and the series Drunk Gaming, where she plays video games with her friends and family while intoxicated.

This was also the channel in which the short lived CTFx C Cinema series was posted to help promote their sponsor, Netflix.

She confirmed on April 22, 2014, that she would continue to upload content to You Tube on her personal channel.

In addition to the CTFx C channel, Trippy and Speed had created a number of other You Tube channels.

However, in today’s vlog, she made her first appearance. ” He turned and showed her face on camera for the first time, then said, “We got Squiggles, a.k.a. Her introduction caused a significant amount of controversy within the comments, mostly about her name.

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