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If Your spouse's conduct does not warrant your leaving, he or she may be able to sue you for actual desertion.

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Some will react negatively towards the parent with the new love interest.

Even if the children respond positively, children will form bonds with a parent's new love interest so the interjection of a new player into their lives needs to be carefully considered.

Speaking of adultery, occasionally one thing will lead to another and dating may result in a sexual relationship.

Post separation adultery is the same as pre-separation adultery and can be a grounds for divorce. Texas may affect the enforceability of these statutes, but you don't want to be Virginia's test case do you? Emotions run even higher and further interfere with resolution when children are involved.

Essentially, for a variety of reasons, haste, loss, grief, lust, need to make up for lost time, or due to a desire to move on to show the other party, a divorcee may rush into another relationship or marriage even without putting enough distance between their past divorce and the new relationship.

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