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Explore the rooms inside the castle, which include suits of armour and Titania’s Palace, a doll’s house with 3,000 unique pieces and which took 15 years to complete.

But the heart of Fyn’s fairytale lies with one of the world’s most translated authors.

As well as a full history of the brewery, a history of the origins of beer – like every man’s temptation, it was an accidental creation of woman, apparently – a tour around its modest buildings and, of course, a tasting of the vast array of beers, spirits and soft drinks produced there, John’s hospitality is pickled with light conversation and jokes. Another stunning fortress seems to emerge around every twist and turn of the road, including the Renaissance Holckenhavn Castle, with its charming church carved from wood, which hosts conferences, meetings and concerts.

Picturesque Broholm Castle, with its extensive grounds, Stone Age museum and recently restored restaurant, offers a place to lay your head like the upper classes in bygone centuries.

Manufacturing calliper brakes for the energy market and mining industry, Svendborg has "performed well in challenging circumstances", LM said in a statement.

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