Harzdating nordhausen

Harzdating nordhausen

On our 140.4 kilometre, 1000 mm gauge network, experience our steam locomotives in action every day.

Experience this network – made up of the Harzquerbahn, Selketalbahn and Brockenbahn – which offers you so many superlatives in the very heart of Germany.

The final team was Sarah Patterson as Producer, Chris Rolfs as lead Engineer, Kyle Roberts as Lead Artist, Josh Camire as lead animator, Vanessa Blokland and Cody Dwyer as artists, Trevor Mc Ewen as level designer, Jason Mc Mahon as our sound guy, and Jason Scott as our QA testing lead.

We had some initial troubles with art when the second semester was coming around. First, there was no real art direction in the game, and second, we needed to find a way for modular level art to exist efficiently within the game.

We will be happy to give you a quote tailored to your requirements.

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