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Kamen Rider OOO has got to have one of the goofiest starts to a toku season I have ever seen, but it was that exact thing that made me keep watching.

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Kamen rider ooo anything goes single

B5 also asked a series of essential questions throughout its run, ones that I find extremely helpful in analyzing OOO and a couple of other shows.

I already alluded to one of these questions in my Endpoint for Ryuki, before I ever even watched the show, but here's what they ask: The first two are asked by two of the oldest alien races in the galaxy, the Vorlons and the Shadows respectively, in their proxy war to determine who is right in guiding the younger races.

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外側にステイタス 求めないで sotogawa ni suteitasu (status) motomenaide 内に秘める 自信が大事 uchi ni himeru jishin ga daiji Anything goes! sono kokoro ga motomeru mono ni 正直になればなるほど shoujiki ni nareba naru hodo Life goes on! kasoku tsuite tomerarenakute 負ける気しないはず! makeru ki shinai hazu! It’s time to get serious, if you are to fight And worry not about losing!

In a series where even the heroes are working backroom deals and are quite honestly manipulative bastards at times, Uva is way out of his league; it's like an honest man running for political office—he doesn't stand a chance. His most essential trait, honestly, is anger—when the Greeed took over an abandoned bar, he was the one always smashing bottles.

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