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Stewart just never felt compelled to share her personal business.The 26-year-old previously made it clear that she doesn't think there's any wrong way to express one's self, telling about the anxiety that previously prevented her from enjoying life, is last in line to judge when anyone does make more of a pronouncement about his or her sexuality.

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Kristen dating side Egedal

Many celebrities still choose to go that route and, happily, are largely received by a flood of support from their peers, fans and beyond when they do.

There's always a faction of critics, but there are increasingly few things you can say that aren't met with at least some negativity on social media.

The first one to garner major attention is Camp X-Ray, out in limited release and starring Stewart as a wide-eyed army private assigned to Guantanamo Bay. Stewart just wrapped her final film, the futuristic Equals, starring Nicholas Hoult and directed by Like Crazy's Drake Doremus. But I'm not going to hold it so preciously close to me.

She has never heard of the German city of Bremen, has never read a Harry Potter book, when she's faced with political prisoners hurling feces at the military personnel. The project, she said, tore her up emotionally, and necessitated what she long thought she needed: a break to just be Kristen the person. I write all the time."The actresshas been famously ill at ease in the public eye.

There was nothing she loathed more than people spotting her, gawping, and then pretending it hadn't happened.

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