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They began playing at an early age in Lunn and Morgan's home (they are brothers, Lunn's birthname is William Morgan) in Welwyn Garden City, first playing Nirvana, Green Day and other punk songs, under the name of Mustardseed.

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They said that they were going to send it off to Michael Eavis who runs Glastonbury Festival, and I asked why..." Michael Eavis that year was running an unsigned bands competition to play on the Other Stage, and The Subways decided that would be a great idea.

"It was really just another address to send one of our CDs off to.

The making of the album was fan funded with fans pledging on exclusive offers made by the band through their Pledge Music campaign.

A percentage of money made was donated to charity (Clic Sargent) and the online updates meant the band discussed artwork designs and tracks directly with their fans as the album was put together.

On 15 September, the band let Pledge Music customers download their version of the album, posing the question of which track was to be the next single from the LP.

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