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That being said, it probably follows logically that it also stands as one of the great mainstream rock tunes of the decade.So I guess in many ways it's a pretty good problem to have, resembling one of rock's all-time most deserving legends.

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The song's music video, of course, is another matter entirely, but if you're into fishnets, bartop dancing and grimy-looking, early-'80s cinematography, then by all means knock yourself out.

Buy from Amazon » This one too has been played nearly to death, but it's unmistakably an American classic.

Buy from Amazon » Mellencamp waited until 1985 to release his most impassioned rocker yet, delivering not only a rousing performance of solid pop/rock but also tackling a personal political issue directly.

The plight of the American family farmer has remained a major concern for the singer for the past three decades, but this particular slice of anger truly unleashes Mellencamp's righteous indignation.

Buy from Amazon » Going back to his earliest smash hit, "Hurts So Good," one of the trademarks of Mellencamp tunes has often been either a sly central guitar riff or a lovely melodic guitar fill laid over acoustic strumming.

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