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Some just want to see the part of Denmark their ancestors came from but others may wish to undertake more serious genealogic research.

Doubts as to how to proceed on such information may possibly be removed by application to the Danes Worldwide Archives, who will, for a fee of a few dollars, help you advertise in the relevant local papers.

Family History If the object of the research is to trace the family as far back as possible, the state archives may become involved; such institutions, however, are under no obligation to undertake private investigation and cannot be expected to do more than look up a few concrete answers to a few concrete questions.

However some incontestable factual basis is necessary for the exploitation of these lists.

Contact with Danish Relatives Knowing the name of the relevant locality is of course a prerequisite of establishing contact with relatives still alive.

The Genealogical Society has published A Genealogical Guidebook and Atlas of Denmark (ed. Records in Denmark Once all the possibilities in the new country have been exhausted, it is time to turn to the material kept in the old country.

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