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Alle kommer helt uforpligtende, og der er ingen forventninger til at man SKAL deltage i noget.Der kræves ikke medlemskab så alle har mulighed for at opleve den intense erotiske stemning.The transducer was employed extensively in cardiac scanners and the design was hailed as one of the significant milestones in the development of echocardiography.

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D Hofmann, H Holländer and P Weiser published it's first use in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1966 in the German language.

Hofmann and Holländer's paper in 1968 on "Intrauterine diagnosis of hydrops fetus universalis using ultrasound" also in German, is probably the first paper in the medical literature describing formally the diagnosis of a fetal malformation using ultrasound.

The initial popularity was not based on its image resolution but rather its ability to allow the operator to display and study movements, such as fetal cardiac motion, gross body movements and fetal breathing movements (see also Part 3).

In the International Symposium on Real-time ultrasound in Perinatal Medicine held in Charleroi, Belgium in 1978, most of the presentations were based on results from the Vidoson. For almost ten years, real-time ultrasound has been used in many obstetrics departments.

Although these have relatively heavy probes they produced outstanding real time resolution in the near and far field (because of highly focused beams resulting from the relatively large curvatured transducers and the lens apparatus) and with much less image-degrading electronic noise that was associated with electronic scanners that soon became available at around the same time.

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