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A municipality gas works was built in 1906, which supplied the houses and roads of Rhede with light.

Since then the positive development of the municipality has persisted.

In the course of the local reorganisation in 1968, Buengern, Krechting, Krommert, Rhede and Vardingholt united to form a new municipality all under the name Rhede; the towns Rhede and Altrhede already having been united in 1955.

The number of inhabitants of the 78.6 square kilometers municipality increased from 13,200 to over 19.000 and rises still continuously today.

About 13,200 inhabitants live within the city limits of Rhede.

As of 25.7.1975, Rhede was designated a "city" by the ministry of the Interior of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In the spring of 1981, a federal and national athletic center was built in Rhede, equipped with the most modern technology, located on the B 67 highway.

Gradually a village settlement formed around the holy Gudula Parish Church, which has been called Rhede since 1300. Century, the ruling men of Rhede built a castle located east of the church at the place designated as "burg" (castle).

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