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The physical examination and testing was repeated during the early stage of the study.Every week over the whole study period, the children will be followed with an automated mobile phone text message (SMS-Track) asking questions on their leisure time sports activities and the presence of any musculoskeletal problems.Eventually, the idea arose that it would be possible to evaluate the outcome of these activities, as there were six sports schools with an increased amount of physical activities and 13 schools doing “business as usual”.

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A research program was established named ‘The Childhood Health, Activity and Motor Performance School Study – Denmark’ (The CHAMPS-study DK).

For this, a research group was established, with the purpose of studying various potentially beneficial aspects of increased physical activity.

A steering committee for the project was also established consisting of the schools’ coordinators, one from each participating school, the Director of Sport Study Svendborg, the Research Project Leader, and a secretary.

The Steering Committee was responsible for the coordination of activities including research in and between schools.

Sport schools are well matched with the ‘normal’ schools, making comparisons between these suitable.

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