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Does it come with instructions on how to replace and does it come off easy or do you need to pry it off?

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end of the neck and allowed you to use regular, single - ball -end strings with it. Sorry, this Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro L/H Deluxe is no longer. STB M5, M Guitar 1 Hum 1 Single Coil, $600.00 to $750.00. 17 08 - Changing the double- ball head for a single - ball string replacement head on the headless .

While either the string adapter , or the insert into the Synapse or. Normally Steinberger guitars use special strings that are pre-measured with a ball at each end. I installed the strings the ball end in the bridge, strung the strings through the single ball adaptor and then clamped down the string with the set. String adapter for Steinberger or other headless guitars. Easy operation with no modification required to the guitar. The brass string adaptor fit perfectly (unlike the JCustom Steinberger Combo Headpiece). Steinberger Guitars STADG06 Adapter Guitar BK Steinberger Guitars STADG06 Adapter Guitar BK. These fit ball end or regular strings no need to buy a string adaptor unit. Single ball string replacement on a Steinberger Spirit guitar .

See the seller’s listing for full details and description of any imperfections.

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