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Marie has one of the best anecdotes: that she was able to ring her best female friend and inform her that she’d be paid to romance the friend’s husband.Similarly, Camilla Hammerich is someone I’d like to hear more from.England still finds coalition government a novelty.

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There’s an underlying smugness throughout Europe (among the Scandi-fans, there’s no Euroscepticism) about the sophistication of subtitles and an undercurrent of superiority over the Americans who have to remake things rather than read words on the bottom of the screen: ‘Los Angeles is the hot air city,’ says Adam Price when asked about HBO’s wish to do another version.

But – and perhaps understandably – the actors sense a little bit of neediness on the part of the audience.

We also hear how the set of the Statsminister’s office helped her get into the role – especially as people opened doors for her – so once they had left Borgen for the dank, dark offices of the New Democrats, she found it harder.

(‘I had to share with awful people.’) Similarly, Pilou Asbæk found Kasper’s suit something that helped him define the character of the spin doctor: when he unbuttons, explains Pilou, he is becoming unglued.

She and Pilou give a double act in which they explained that Kasper Juul’s broken leg in series 2 was the result of a real sports injury which occurred when Asbæk broke the terms of his DR contract to kick a ball about with his maters.

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